Featured on The Discovery Pod

Sep 27, 2023


The Discovery Pod features conversations with leaders in the non-profit/social sector. Join former CEO Douglas Nelson as he talks with CEOs, Board Chairs, Founders and other senior leaders about how they got started in the sector, how they work with their boards, and what remains to be done.

As Managing Director of The Discovery Group, a philanthropy and governance consulting firm based in Vancouver, BC., Doug understands the complexity of leading organizations and institutions and the challenges of aligning governance and philanthropic performance. Doug has been called a ‘fundraising phenom’ by the Vancouver Sun and ‘a true innovator for a sector that can do so much more.’ Learn from the brightest and the best in the industry so you can accomplish what is most important by tuning in to The Discovery Pod today.



Empowering African youth to thrive against all odds, Asante Africa Foundation pioneers change through education, leadership, and a shared vision for a brighter future. In this episode, Erna Grasz, CEO of Asante Africa Foundation, takes us through the evolution of an organization that’s changing lives in East Africa, one community at a time.

Erna reveals their pioneering model, a Global Alliance of local nonprofits working in harmony to empower individuals from ages nine to twenty-four. Through education, life skills, and livelihood development, Asante Africa equips youth to drive change within their communities.

With a remarkable track record of impacting over a million lives and engaging with nearly 500 schools, the organization’s achievements are inspiring, to say the least. Erna also explores the concept of “good philanthropy” and how mutual trust and co-creation drive lasting change. Join the vision of a future where African youth lead the charge toward economic empowerment and innovation. Tune in now!

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