Erna Grasz: Inspiring Woman Leader To Follow

Feb 14, 2022

Insights Success magazine publishes essays and feature articles of current and emerging interest to entrepreneurs and business innovators. As part of its mission, Insights Success spotlights ahead-of-the-curve industry leaders.

In its February 1 edition, Insights Success honored the leadership of Asante Africa Foundation co-founder and CEO Erna Grasz by naming her one of the “10 Most Inspiring Women Leaders To Follow In 2022.” Although Erna’s past accomplishments as a prominent electrical engineer at the famed Lawrence Livermore Laboratory and later as a corporate leader in Silicon Valley are noteworthy in their own right, Insights Access finds Erna most inspiring for her stewardship of the Asante Africa Foundation.

The article balances the foundation’s accomplishments with Erna’s philosophy of how education can and should support Africa’s students and the aspirations she has for growing Asante Africa in new directions. In the article she talks about the role of education for empowering young people to succeed in ways those hampered by a lack of education may never know; the role of technology in lifting young people in rural areas out of academic backwaters; and the rippling effect educating today’s youth will have not only on their individual earning power but on their community’s ability to grow economically, as well.

Erna Grasz
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