Joining new school with Asante Africa Scholarship

To some, its just incredible, to others, God has worked wonders. While scholarship may seem just a normal thing to majority of us, it is not the same for the beneficiaries. over and above starting to see their future differently, these children experience a whole new world with very exciting occurrences.

in the eyes of these students and their families, the boarding primary schools are a reserve of the ‘rich’ in Kenya. Never in their dreams have they seen themselves schooling in such privileged institutions where not only 3 square meals are served but also a 10 and 4 o’clock tea with snack is served. At night the students are warmly tucked in their warm bed free from dust and of course bed wetting by their little siblings. To these students, this is a true paradise. They can’t imagine not sharing a 3 foot bed with 3 more kids.

Some of these students have never put on a leather shoe and those that had the privilege of a shoe only put them on Sunday when going to church. Others were finding it odd to have somebody ask them to pick under wears of their choice from the supermarket shelves. To them this is a topic better kept secret!

On arriving in their new schools, majority had some funny feeling of being isolated but the moment they fit their new school uniform and receiving a king size welcome from the schools’ administration; the whole scenario changes. Take for example Johana Mwaura, Elizabeth Waithera and Anthony Kimani who recently joined Jeremy Academy. When they arrived at the school, they looked cold and confused. After Teresia, the director, and Mureithi, the Headteacher, got involved in helping them prepare their clothings for labeling the kids started warming up to the new environment. Wait until they wore their new uniform and they were all smiles admiring themselves in the mirror.

All this was happening with their guardians at the background mentioning the name of God countless times. To them they had no asante (thank you in swahili) words to say to Asante Africa and the donors who sacrifice their comfort to see to it that these children go to school.

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