Adelina’s Beauty Salon

Adelina is a 19-year-old resident of Turkana County, Kenya. She aspired to become an entrepreneur so she attended Asante Africa’s Leadership and Entrepreneurship Incubator program. She graduated with valuable skills in financial savings, budgeting, leadership and entrepreneurship. 

adelinaOur LEI program helped her identify the perfect target customers for her business. Once she had that figured out, she hosted a fundraiser to gather money from her family and friends. With an initial investment, her business—AMOO Beauty Salon—began getting its first customers. 

The business started off slow at first, but quickly grew with loyal customers returning frequently. Adelina had too many customers coming at once causing her to realize she needed more help. She hired three employees to assist her. Adelina keeps a record of the stock, how many items are needed for restock, and number of customers served. She acquired these skills from the LEI program. Each employee receives half the commission of the service provided to a client. 

The business has helped Adelina pay off her school fees and increased a social connectedness between her and her community. AMOO Beauty Salon is also a money source for her family. It helped three members within her communities receive employment, with more positions becoming available with the growth of her business. 

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