Are you ready to get out and “Get Wild?”

Join us for a lively spring evening celebrating the recent achievements and exciting innovations of our young people in East Africa.

We will enjoy time together in the wild surrounded by nature at a historical dairy farm. Join in the fun with an African drum circle, dine on exciting locally grown foods, and savor our unique and wild signature drinks while listening to our Tanzanian team sharing captivating stories from the field.   

Come and “get wild” with us! It will be an experience you will not want to miss.


Saturday, May 7, 2022
5:30-8:00pm PDT


 1660 Freisman Rd (“At the Dairy” Campus)
Livermore, CA 94551, USA


Regular Tickets – $225
VIP Ticket (Enjoy special VIP “benefits”) – $350

This event has now ended!

Thank you to everyone who joined us and made the event a success!

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to EAT, DRINK, and “GET WILD” with us on May 7th


Celebrate 15 years with Asante Africa Foundation with a few “wild” surprises…


Get up close and personal with Tanzanian storytellers


Dine on a wild and savory menu from a local favorite – Loveable Feast


Hosted in a unique creekside barn at the Freisman Historic Dairy


Socialize in the Grove or at the Drumming Circle while enjoying local Livermore wines

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Our Venue

Prepare to relax, enjoy, and be mesmerized in this intimate and engaging ambiance in a unique upscale dairy farm

Meet Our Guests

Richard Mabala is an author, a teacher, a poet and a family man. And when he’s not busy writing really funny stories for the papers or something for a new book, he spends his time fighting for the rights of Tanzanian youth, chief among them a right to have a voice as leaders and social entrepreneurs. Being a teacher at one of the best schools the young nation at the time meant that his students later became the country’s political and thought leaders, some of whom are still artist, writers, government ministers and senior professors at the state University. 

Richard himself taught at a number of academic institutions from 1973 to 1993 until he realized he was more an activist than an academic. He immersed himself into conversations and activities centering on issues to do with education, gender and youth development and became a founding member of Tanzania Gender Networking Program and HAKIELIMU, an organisation promoting the right to education. Upon invitation he worked with UNICEF from 1999 to 2007 where he wrote for the Sarah Communication Initiative, was Regional Advisor for Eastern and Southern Africa on Youth & HIV issues and head of Department in Ethiopia. 
He later decided he wanted to come back home and keep working with the youth in Tanzania. That’s how Tamasha was born. Tamasha is a youth empowerment NGO based in Arusha that works with youth centres to reach the most marginalized young people all over the country. Through Tamasha, Richard encourages communities to give young people a voice, promotes social entrepreneurship and trains the youth in these communities on how to identify and access opportunities. When he is not in the wards and districts educating communities, Richard Mabala uses his writing to talk about the most critical and difficult issues facing the youth today. The books he writes are about larger than life characters tackling the issues of gender and youth empowerment with well crafted humour and teachers use them as the academic standard to teach basic social lessons to young students all over the nation. 

Theopista Charles Seuya is an enthusiastic, focused, committed and experienced professional teacher and a leader who is dedicated, resourceful and result oriented. She holds a Masters Degree in Education (Policy & International Development) from the University of Bristol in the UK. She has provided a notable contribution in the fields of Academics, Education Management and community development for over 20 years. She has a solid commitment to the academic and social well-being of children and youngsters. Currently, she serves as Asante Africa Foundation Country Director for Tanzania. Prior to this role, she worked with different organizations/institutions in the posts of University Lecturer, Project Manager and Head of Schools at different times.

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