February 28, 2021  

Kayleigh Mencia:

The Embassy of Japan in Kenya and Asante Africa Foundation Commit to the Project for the Construction of Classrooms and Toilets at Oloorng’anayio Primary School

Nairobi, Kenya — The Embassy of Japan in Kenya contracts a grant to Asante Africa Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to educating African youth, for a project titled Project for the Construction of Classrooms and Toilets at Oloorng’anayio Primary School on February 26, 2021. In accepting this grant, Asante Africa Foundation will continue its investment in education, with an emphasis on girls’ education.

On Friday, February 26th, Ambassador Horie Ryoichi, from the Embassy of Japan in Kenya, signed grant contracts with 5 grantee organizations, including Asante Africa Foundation, who will bring the construction of 5 new classrooms and 7 Doors-Toilet to the Oloorng’anayio Primary School. The grants will benefit more than 3,200 students in various regions of Kenya.

Since the pandemic, there were more youth, especially girls, out of school than ever seen before, while youth in school struggled to gain basic skills. It is imperative that girls are given a safe space, with the necessary sanitation facilities to not only stay in school, but to feel comfortable during learning. Research shows that youth, specifically girls, lose the skills they gain in school upon leaving, resulting in a global learning crisis that has only been deepened by COVID-19. Despite constant efforts, we, as a community, remain to fail too many girls; however, this is not an unsolvable problem.

On par with Asante Africa Foundation’s models, recent post-COVID research shows that the most effective interventions included safe learning environments, food and take home rations, sanitation facilities, and scholarships. These include:

  1. Addressing the cost of schooling (scholarships, materials, etc.)
  2. Providing sanitation facilities and materials
  3. Improving access to schools (housing, transport, etc.)
  4. Providing food in school or take-home rations

In partnership with the Embassy of Japan in Kenya, Asante Africa Foundation and Oloorng’anayio Primary School continue to support rural children’s education in the “last mile communities” of Kenya.

Asante Africa Foundation focuses their efforts on three programs aimed at providing children in Africa the opportunity to thrive in and out of the classroom. The programs are Girls’ Advancement, Leadership and Entrepreneurship Incubator (LEI) and Accelerated Learning in the Classroom. Each of these programs work to address the root causes of why youth are unsuccessful and create opportunities for the students to excel.

Asante Africa Foundation is unique in its ability to work within the existing educational system, alongside educators, influencers and governments. By partnering with existing schools and visionaries, Asante Africa Foundation is making sustainable changes that will continue to improve school retention, performance and make a difference.

About Asante Africa Foundation

Asante Africa Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit educating East Africa’s youth to tackle life’s challenges, thrive in the global economy and catalyze positive change. They partner with local communities to address the root causes preventing children from receiving a quality education and provide tools to apply their knowledge beyond the classroom. Learn more at or email

*Note – To schedule an interview with the Asante Africa Foundation team please contact Kayleigh.

new partnership with the Embassy of Japan in Kenya
new partnership with the Embassy of Japan in Kenya
The Embassy of Japan in Kenya
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