Richard, Innovative Leader in Dream Mapping Education, Uganda 

Dec 4, 2020

Standing in front of hundreds of eager students, Richard proudly wears his Asante Africa Foundation t-shirt and readies himself to lead a discussion on how to pursue one’s dreams. As an alumni of the Leadership and Entrepreneurship Incubator (LEI) Program, Richard serves as club chairman for a team of vibrant change agents who recently assembled a seminar with over 400 primary students for the program’s educational outreach model. These students got the chance to experience Richard’s innovative teaching techniques that are designed to encourage them in realizing and achieving their goals. 

During the seminar, Richard focused on dreams and dream mapping while raising awareness about how the Pay it Forward philosophy improves local communities. His confident teaching style highlights his strong belief in the values he speaks about. Richard emphasizes student involvement by quizzing the students on the topics he has presented in English and awarding medals to those who answer correctly. Later, with assistance from the change agents, the students enjoyed creating their own dream maps and considering what the future may hold for them.

At this event, Richard and his dedicated team members promoted the Pay it Forward philosophy by guiding their younger peers in recognizing that their dreams can better the lives of others. Frequently, Richard’s enthusiastic teaching is met with equal enthusiasm from his ambitious students. When a student was asked what it takes to achieve one’s dream, he answered, “Studying hard!” Many students in Uganda have certainly done this and much more by following the leadership of Asante Africa’s LEI dynamic change agents, like Richard, mapping their dreams, and paying it forward to their communities.

Becoming an Innovative Leader, Uganda
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