Damaris Empowers Female Students, Kenya

Feb 21, 2020

As a teacher and Head of Guidance and Counseling at Sitet Primary School in Narok, Kenya, Damaris Keroti has had plenty of experience witnessing the social isolation young girls face after they begin puberty. With many of her students dropping out due to pregnancy or shying away from social interaction due to their menstrual cycle, Damaris chose to attend the Asante Africa Foundation’s Girls’ Advancement Program. This training helped create a supportive and open relationship between staff and female students, which has ultimately led to the improvement of the school’s performance.

Damaris and her fellow faculty members were able to convince the headmaster to provide sanitary pads and painkillers to students during their menstrual cycle. Now, female students are enabled to attend classes and trainings, such as the Wezesha Vijana (Girls’ Advancement) Program, which furthers their education and provides helpful training in health and finance.