Dorin and her Honey Business

Jul 30, 2020

Born in the Kilimanjaro Region in Tanzania, Dorin currently lives with her family in Arusha. Having an entrepreneurial spirit but never really pursuing it, Dorin decided to start a business during these troubled times after watching her family struggle financially. Through Asante Africa programs, she acquired key entrepreneurial skills that helped her save up and start her own enterprise. She finally decided to push her business idea of packaging and selling honey. She decided to start small and now runs a honey business named ‘Ndoto Mama’ inspired by her mother who is a skilled entrepreneur. Dorin’s biggest clientele are her fellow students.

Dorin decided to sell honey because as a product it is easy to package and has a long shelf life. She hopes to expand her business to other regions and adopt new innovative techniques to scale up her business.

Dorin and her Honey Business
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