A Scholar Dreaming of Neurosurgery

Aug 21, 2023

Moris is an orphan and lives with his aunt, who has 3 children of her own and a low income. Recognizing that Moris was a bright young boy, he was brought to Asante Africa’s scholarship recruitment where he received his scholarship in 2017 when he was in grade three. Since then, he has excelled academically and professionally. 

Today, Moris is a high-spirited student in a reputable school in Kenya. He has a passion for Biology, and aspires to be a Neurosurgeon in the near future. His teachers at the school state that he is very well disciplined and focused. Mathematics is one subject that intrigues Moris and challenges him, as it is becoming complex with time. This being a core subject, he was advised to discuss this openly with his Maths teacher or another friendly teacher to express his fears. 

In his free time, Moris spends time in the lab with a group of other students doing various science experiments supported by another organization in the school. With that being said, Moris greatly appreciates the support he has gotten from Asante Africa Foundation throughout time for him to achieve academically.

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