Engineering Dreams Come True, Tanzania

Dec 11, 2020

In Tanzania, Emmanuel and his family believed that he was destined for a life as a shepherd. Through hard work and determination, this outstanding young man has excelled as a university student on the scholarship awarded to him by Asante Africa Foundation. Emmanuel has soared above anyone’s expectations as he nears his goal of becoming an engineer.  

Emmanuel comes from a very large family who relies on him for support. His father has five wives and Emmanuel has around forty siblings. His family praises his intelligence and expresses their gratitude for the support he’s receiving from Asante Africa. Asante Africa’s Scholarship Program provides financial support to students grade four through university graduation who qualify based on academic achievement, behavior in school, and family involvement. Scholarships are funded by the generosity of Asante Africa’s financial supporters.  

Emmanuel, described as delightful and humble by those who know him, will graduate in 2021 with a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering. He expresses his gratitude for Asante Africa’s scholarship and support knowing in his heart that this is what has allowed him to travel the path towards fulfilling his educational goals. His family is extremely excited that his achievements will further them as well as their local community. It is doubtless that Emmanuel has amazing potential and a very bright future ahead.  

Emmanuel’s family (Mother on left)

Emmanuel and his family