Esther Learns to Lead through Participation in the Wezesha Vijana Program

Nov 3, 2023

Esther is a bright and intelligent eighth grader in rural Kenya. She joined Asante Africa’s Wezesha Vijana Program for girls in 2021, and learned about confidence building and goal setting.  Prior to her involvement with Wezesha Vijana, Esther served as a class prefect by mentoring and tutoring younger students, but she felt held back by her naturally shy personality. Esther overcame her shyness through Wezesha Vijana, and she was excited to accept a leadership role as her school’s program chairperson. Her participation in the program transformed her into a confident leader who can speak to people without a trace of self-doubt.

As the fourth child in her family, Esther was excited to put the skills that she learned in the Wezesha Vijana into practice in her home and her community. She practiced her leadership skills by paying forward the knowledge she had gained to her relatives, schoolmates, and friends.

In addition to acquiring leadership skills, Esther learned budgeting and small-business skills through Wezesha Vijana. She is now able to offer hairdressing services to members of her community. By operating this small, income-generating business, Esther can provide for some of her personal needs. She is able to earn approximately 3000 Kenyan shillings ($20 USD) in a month. Esther utilizes these funds for school fees, sanitary pads, clothing, and emergencies.

Esther’s career goal is to become a nurse. She was inspired to pursue this path after she had an experience at a hospital where she witnessed a dedicated nurse diligently caring for patients. To reach her goal, Esther is keeping her focus on her education. Her current aspiration is to pass the examination required for entry into high school. Thanks to support from Asante Africa’s Wezesha Vijana program, Esther has gained the confidence to continue her education so she can serve her community as a nurse one day.

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