Keeping Food on the Table, Uganda

Nov 8, 2021

In 2021, Asante Africa Foundation, Uganda, supported its beneficiaries and their families with a COVID-19 food relief intervention package.

Maize flour, soap, sugar, salt, rice, cooking oil, and beans were distributed to our beneficiaries and their families. The lockdown put livelihoods under immense strain in Uganda, leaving many people without enough food to eat, forcing families to either reduce the number of meals they eat in a day or to reduce the amount of food they buy.

Those unable to meet their family’s food needs were turning to others for help, forcing children into marriages in exchange for food and ultimately increasing violence within families.

A total of 840 families from the Kassanda and Kyenjojo district have been supported with the relief package. Over 5,852 direct lives have been impacted so far.