Girls Advocacy Club, Tanzania

Feb 25, 2021

Idirssa is an LEI Alumni from the Same District Kilimanjaro Region. After completing our program, he was inspired to Pay it Forward by organizing a field class (Shamba darasa) every Friday for boys and girls. He teaches youth self-employment strategies because many in the community often engage in drug abuse after they complete school. Because of how common gender-based violence is, he spends a lot of time mentoring both boys and girls on the topic and advocates for young girls’ development and empowerment in his community. He had about 20 youth participate in his recent field class where he taught them how to raise chickens for eggs. It was such as success that he plans to include pig-keeping lessons in his next class. Idirssa is also currently working on a ginger farm where he has managed to grow 3 tons of ginger.

young man with chickens
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