Online Clothing Boutique, Uganda

Feb 23, 2021

After attending the LEI summit last year, Nakibuule (Nah) found the confidence and motivation to pursue her own business venture. Applying the skills she acquired in digital marketing and the knowledge of business operations she sharpened during the summit, Nah decided that she would start selling clothes online. She pulled from what she had learned during the LEI conference and solicited advice from people engaged in similar online ventures to understand more about how to run a successful business.

After gathering information on how to retain customers, where to buy clothes, how to sell them in the online marketplace, and how to maximize profits, Nah honed her business plan. She determined WhatsApp would be the best online sales platform and narrowed her focus to women’s clothing, realizing she could buy them cheaper at market. She saved the money she earned working in a small shop (5,000 shillings per day) for use as startup capital, buying the clothes that would transform her business idea into a small but growing profit-generating enterprise.

Nah regularly travels to town to purchase clothes that she then sells online. She advertises and sells her finds on WhatsApp and to people in her community, generally making a profit of 1,000-3000 shillings per sale. She plans to begin selling her items to students in her hostel and in neighboring hostels once university classes fully resume.

With plans to continue and expand her business, Nah is grateful that she was able to attend the LEI conference. “Although the sales I make aren’t that much, I can at least save more than I used to. And what gives me more courage and commitment is that it’s my personal investment and I have plans of growing it bigger with time…I would like to thank so much Asante Africa and ABF for the opportunity they gave me to attend the summit. It has truly impacted my life.”

Online Clothing Boutique, Uganda
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