Hasan’s Road to Rabbits, Tanzania

Feb 21, 2020

Despite living a long distance from his school (Mwayunge Secondary School) and learning at a economically-challenged school, Hasan Alfani joined Youth Leadership Club and attended the LEI training. Though he did not continue with education, his LEI training helped him explore future career opportunities and provided him with skills to develop as he searched for a vocation.

With the support of his parents, Hasan began developing his leadership and communication skills as he searched for his path in life. He studied welding, agriculture, and dreamt of becoming a veterinarian. Hasan also wanted to join the military for a time, going so far as to ace the interview portion with the communication skills he learned from LEI. However, after using dream mapping techniques learned at LEI, Hasan moved past all these ideas and began taking care of rabbits, starting out with just two.

 Now, at the young age of 19, Hasan Alfani has become the most successful seller of rabbits in his town. While his business is located at home, he still sells the meat, fur, and manure in markets in Mwanza and Dar es Salaam.

Using the skills he learned from YLC, Hasan plans to begin marketing his business through social media. He hopes to one day grow his business to have a larger space, modern cages, and better drainage systems. 

Special thanks to Khatib who contacted Hasan for this story.

Hasan’s Road to Rabbits, Tanzania
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