Luciana’s Fashion Business Shines, Tanzania

Jan 28, 2020

Orphaned at a young age along with her twin brother, Luciana did not let her circumstances deter her from pursuing her goals. In high school she secured a scholarship with Asante Africa. New hope motivated and enabled her to excel academically. In 2017, she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Food, Science and Technology.

“Having the LEI training, I and two classmates organized a club in our former high school through which over 65 girls were able to plan their futures in detail with dream mapping and goal setting sessions. Topics like savings and budgeting changed our lives after completing secondary (high) school. As I went into university, I had to quickly manage my small money given by the loan board, and I learned to cut down unnecessary expenses. I also started a fashion retail business while in university. Other students were selling clothes door to door, and I took keen interest in what college students were dressing in. I started by selling leg tights and proceeded to skinny jeans, and then to dresses. With guaranteed customers, I was motivated to grow my business. I am proud to say I was strong in overcoming challenges as they presented themselves. The skills I learned during LEI were my greatest tools.”

Luciana’s Fashion Business Shines, Tanzania
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