Mentoring for Academic Success

Mar 10, 2020

Amedeus, a form four graduate and his school’s head boy, was among the 2019 LEI Summit participants. Currently, he is paying-it-forward by sharing knowledge he acquired at the summit with his fellow youth in Rombo District.

After the Summit, Amedeus and another student named Erica, who also attended the summit, visited Horombo Secondary School and shared with 30 members of a school club, leadership and time management skills.

After passing division one with great success, Amedeus became an inspiration at Horombo Secondary. The head of school asked him to talk to the form four students and share techniques that helped him perform well on his national exams.

He talked to 120 form four students about time management, discipline and how to prepare for the questions on the national exams. The Head of School was so impressed with them that he asked them to mentor the students regularly and provide insights on leadership and other academic skills.


Mentoring for Academic Success
Mentoring for Academic Success
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