Pulling Together & Building Opportunities for Girls, Kenya

Feb 21, 2020

The Girls’ Advancement Program has supported the establishment of systems both in and out of school which will spread awareness of the importance of financial literacy and support income-generating activities.

In the Suguta Community of Maralal, Kenya, schools conducted a community analysis to identify economic benefits and opportunities for adolescent girls while also recommending certain approaches to their goals and developing school-based business plans. This analysis found that communities prioritized the eradication of hunger.

Given this finding, the Girls’ Advancement Program proposed the idea to families and schools, that girls would benefit from this program by developing tools for financial autonomy and helping their communities’ hunger concerns as well. The first initiative focused on organic vegetable planting through one sack, which carries 50-100 seedlings, that each household was tasked to water daily for the regular provision of vegetables.

Pulling Together & Building Opportunities for Girls, Kenya
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