Irene Becomes a Recipient of Pay It Forward

Sep 12, 2023

Irene, a young and motivated student from Uganda, stood out for her brilliance and determination. Her exceptional qualities led to her appointment as the leader of the Asante Africa Foundation School Based Club in 2022. Through the Wezesha Vijana Program (WVP), Irene and her fellow classmates gained valuable insights into budgeting, saving, and investing. Inspired by their newfound knowledge, they embarked on a project to sell baskets, aiming to generate income.

However, the burning question was, “What should they do with the income they earned?” Deeply rooted in Asante Africa’s mission is the principle of “Pay It Forward.” Keeping this ethos in mind, these young girls made a compassionate decision. They chose to use the income they generated to extend a helping hand to those in need. Little did Irene know that her classmates had a special plan in mind – she would be the first recipient of their goodwill.

Read Irene’s experience here:

“I would like to thank the Wezesha Vijana Program because it has helped us so much. It has helped the community, school, and our fellow friends. When I was in WVP 2022, we learned about the economic assets of budgeting and saving. We didn’t want our skills to remain there so we started a project that helped us so much. Under that project we started making baskets, mats, mingling sticks, and other things. Me and my fellow participants suggested that we help our fellow friends who have problems. We want to help them achieve their dreams. Whenever they don’t have the tools they need, we should save our things to help them. 

My fellow participants suggested first helping me because at that time I didn’t have any shoes or stockings. My fellow friends told me “you don’t have shoes. Let us give you this money and you go to the market and buy your shoes and stockings”. I bought my shoes and stockings. At this time, I am looking so smart. 

We didn’t stop there. We are doing so many things and saving money and helping our fellow friends who need the things they need. In the community, we pay it forward to our fellow friends, or mothers who didn’t get these skills, because they need the skills we got in the WVP. 

I would like to thank Asante Africa Foundation for the things they have done for us, by giving us skills to help ourselves. We didn’t know we could help others to achieve their dreams. But at this time, we help others who need our help.”

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