Samburu Boy Shares Knowledge that Changes Lives, Kenya

Apr 20, 2022

Samburu Boy Shares Knowledge that Changes Lives, KenyaNicholas is a 25-year-old resident of Samburu, in Kenya, whose life was changed by the 2015 LEI Summit that he attended through Kituro High School. He is the second of 3 boys born to parents who are pastoralists or herders.

Asante Africa’s LEI Program works closely with partner schools and community leaders to deliver leadership skills to youth who, without this program, would have little opportunity to overcome endemic barriers. The LEI program teaches a three-pronged approach to equip youth with the tools they need to plan and achieve a successful future: job readiness, entrepreneurship skills, and personal development.

The LEI entrepreneurship training sparked Nicholas’ attention and inspired him to start a poultry business to sustain his life. He raised chickens at home and sold them to his neighbors and nearby shops. The profits enabled him to buy personal items he needed for living in college.

Samburu Boy Shares Knowledge that Changes Lives, KenyaThe skills he learned at the LEI summit, along with his poultry farm, continue to add value to his life. Nicholas says, If you want to change the life of others, give them knowledge’

Nicholas has a heart to serve youth all over the world and pass on the knowledge that changed his life. Today, Nicholas has crossed the border of Ethiopia-Kenya to offer a mentorship program that helps to reduce early marriages, working closely with teachers from various schools in the upper eastern region.

Discover more about our LEI Program and how you can help other boys like Nicholas plan for their future and change the world.

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