SAME Secondary School Pays it Forward on a Grand Scale, Tanzania

Feb 25, 2020

Sadick and Samwel are youth leadership club coordinators at SAME “A” Level School. In the first year their club created a national level non-profit, and opened 40 branches of youth leadership clubs across 13 regions (states) in Tanzania. “Currently we are preparing other young people to achieve their goals (dream mapping) and how to change their attitudes towards what is required to succeed. We invite entrepreneurs and professionals to help us understand careers opportunities and address challenges along the way. We believe we can create a large network of youths, who come together to share ideas, opportunities, and open doors for each other.”

They are also focused on being self- sustaining by establishing business enterprises to teach skills and raise funds to support activities. Strategic projects include: liquid soap production (“Asante Soap” that will be sold to safari tourists), and vegetable gardens to reduce expenses at the school. They have also created chemistry pamphlets to be sold to the incoming students to prepare them for exams. Samwel and Sadick and their classmates passionately embrace the “Pay it Forward” value. They share weekly lessons with parents, siblings, and community members. Group activities include visitation of local orphanage centers to offer assistance and financial support to the younger children who need it.