Saving the Family Business – Hamza’s Entrepreneurial Journey

Jun 22, 2023

Hamza, a determined 17-year-old student attending Secondary School in Tanga, Tanzania, faced hardships after his father’s untimely passing when he was 13. With limited resources and his family’s small business unable to provide adequately, Hamza’s dreams of pursuing higher education and becoming a doctor seemed out of reach. However, through his involvement in Asante Africa’s Youth Livelihood Program, he seized an opportunity to join the transformative Enterprise Challenge.

Over two months, Hamza cultivated an entrepreneurial spirit and acquired the skills necessary to manage small businesses, including his family’s shop. Recognizing the challenges they faced, he believed that the program would help overcome obstacles and support his family’s needs. Equipped with newfound knowledge and tools, Hamza successfully opened a stationery store, complemented by his ventures into cooking groundnuts and baking bread. These initiatives not only increased his family’s income but also enabled him to afford his school necessities.

Now, Hamza both manages the family business with confidence and also utilizes his free time to teach others in his community about entrepreneurship. Through interactive activities and popup game playing, his business and enterprise skills strengthened, providing valuable insights into the green economy and business pitching. Hamza’s participation in the Enterprise Challenge led him to develop a range of entrepreneurial competencies which is propelling him toward his dreams and a copious future for his family
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