Sharing Knowledge and Self Awareness

Mar 10, 2020

Prisilla Kiwango, age 17, comes from a family of six children that live with both of their parents. She is currently a Form Four graduate with division two in science subjects.

From 2017-2019, Prisilla was a member of a school-based club at her secondary school in the Kilimanjaro Region of Tanzania. Because of her performance, she qualified to attend the 2019 LEI Summit in Kenya. At the Summit, she acquired knowledge and skills that have changed her way of living and behaving. She feels like she knows herself better, understands her strengths and weaknesses, and has a plan to achieve her dreams.

Prisilla wanted to share the knowledge she gained at the summit so that other youth could also know how to work toward their dreams and do better academically. She started paying-it-forward by teaching what she has learned to nearby schools that are participating in the school-based club program.

Prisilla visits two schools: Shimbi Secondary School, where she completed Form Four, and Mashati Secondary school, speaking with over 100 students. She shares with them what she learned at Summit, including personal development, leadership temperament, emotional intelligence and goal setting. Apart from these topics, she also discusses with them how to overcome other challenges that youth face, such as drug abuse and teenage pregnancy.

“I have gained confidence to talk to people. I am no longer shy. I can now understand people and their behavior when I am sharing the knowledge in class. I am happy I understand myself better compared to how I was before.”

Sharing Knowledge and Self Awareness
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