Her school fee’s are paid, now she can shine, Uganda

Mar 7, 2022

Her school fee's are paid

Teddy, age twenty, greatly appreciates Asante Africa Foundation for supporting her education and her future. Teddy attends Secondary School, in Uganda, and her favorite subjects are mathematics and biology. Her dream is to become a doctor and during her free time she enjoys music and reading.

Until recently, Teddy was one the many girls who were at the verge of dropping out of school due to lack of school fees and scholastic materials. Teddy had received all of her support from her mother because her father failed to take an interest in her education due to his substance abuse problems. After her mother passed away, Teddy’s sister took on the responsibility of paying for her school fees; however, this was extremely difficult for her and she often paid late or even missed payments altogether.

To earn the rest of the money needed for school, Teddy performed farmwork in the evenings for a daily wage. She was then able to pay for her scholastic materials such as uniform, shoes, sanitary pads, books, pens, and other necessities. Attending school all day then working all evening made it challenging for Teddy to focus on her academics.

The new headteacher at her Secondary School made a statement about Teddy during the 2022 stakeholders engagement meeting in Kyenjojo District. He said, “When I first entered the gate of the school, the first person I met was Teddy and I found her digging at school. I asked her why she was digging at school, and she replied, ‘because I am working in the farm to be paid.’ I knew Teddy was one of the needy children at the school from that time.”

Through Asante Africa Foundation’s support, Teddy’s narrative has changed. She is fully back in the classroom and very focused because her school fees are going to be paid for and all the necessary school requirements met.

Teddy has 3 core values that have helped her keep motivated: hope, discipline, and hard work.

“Thank you Asante Africa Foundation for making my education journey clear.” – Teddy

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