Skills training, hygiene, and sustainability in Uganda

In order to ensure and propagate the practice of good health and hygiene, 40 adolescent boys and girls underwent training to learn liquid and solid soap making. This session was attended by club leaders who would use the new skills and teach these skills to their club members. New skills would trigger many Income Generating Projects and would be part of the students’ Pay it Forward activity. Club members receive training from Asante Africa Programs in leadership skills, economic sustainability by saving and envisioning the step by step building of their businesses. Students that are part of the program are well positioned to initiate their own income generating project.

Participants in the skills training program were given materials to train their group members. All 40 leaders were given a 5-liter Jerry can of liquid soap. Students were expected to use other materials from their immediate environment. 

Community Development Officer and Secondary School Matrons also joined the skills training session and also learnt about soap making, and learnt about the programs and the important work that Asante Africa Foundation is doing within their communities.