Tabora Roots – Keep Your City Clean, Tanzania

Jan 2020

Kaliua’s Youth Leadership Club (YLC) introduced the slogan “Keep Your City Clean” after a discussion with the local government on how to encourage community members to take care of their city. Keeping their city clean started with their own streets. On 28 September, 2019 the YLC went out to the streets and got children to volunteer with them as they walked through their community to pick up plastic bags and other waste.

YLC leaders see street clean up as important because it can inspire villagers and children to be motivated in cleanliness that would help them avoid illnesses that can occur due to waste materials being in the environment. After the group collected all of the plastic bags, they started cleaning houses in the community. Kids went from one house to another sweeping the ground as homeowners and those nearby watched in praise. Mashaka Ntibala, the local government leader, had commented in their discussion that “if you’re to succeed in this program, you are supposed to be an example.” The YLC took those words to heart and were the perfect examples of leaders for the younger children in Kaliua.

Tabora Roots – Keep Your City Clean, Tanzania
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