YLC Tabora Girls’ Advancement Event

Jan 28, 2020

On 11 October, 2019 the Youth Leadership Club (YLC) gathered all regional and district coordinators in the Tabora region to run a girls’ advancement event. Girls from schools all around the region attended the event and the YLC held discussions on girls’ advancement. Topics included the position of girls in society, dream mapping, gender equality, the path to success in exams, girls’ rights, and entrepreneurship.

Common challenges girls in Tabora faced, such as early marriage, forced marriage, poverty, and the lack of education opportunities, were also discussed. Many spoke on how cultural practices like forced and early marriages prevent girls’ political, social, and economic development. The event ended with everyone feeling energized. The discussions helped to encourage girls to remain aware of the positive changes that have occurred and to continue fighting to bring forward complete girls’ advancement!