Youth “Pay it Forward” by Volunteering at Mazimbu Hospital, Tanzania

Feb 25, 2020

The YLC (youth leadership club) worked together to organize a charity event following Tanzania’s Independence Day and International Volunteer’s Day. After recruiting over thirty volunteers, the club visited the Mazimbu Hospital in Morogoro, Tanzania to greet the patients, pray with them, and give them fruits that they had prepared earlier. 

In addition to this, the group helped garden around the hospital, slashing overgrown grasses and cleaning up around the premises. As they ended the day, the youth leadership club spoke with the volunteers, about the significance of “Paying it Forward” and being “Global Citizens,” lessons learned through Asante Africa’s LEI Program. Participants eagerly engaged in dialogue, proposing their own ideas and created a perfect end to the day of volunteering. The club says, “We learned, had fun, and made an impact simultaneously!”