Sharing our Gratitude ~ Erna Grasz, CEO

Nov 18, 2022

Dear Asante Africa Community, 

The longer I have the honor and privilege to work on the African continent, the clearer the definition of “community” becomes.

For many, this can be a compilation of your immediate and extended family, your neighbors, your friends, and your colleagues. In our case, it includes our global community. 

What am I grateful for this season? I am deeply grateful for the heart and passion that our local staff bring to their jobs every day to keep the child at the center of our work.

While many of our donors, investors, North America staff, and volunteers may not have the opportunity to meet these teenagers, I can assure you that these young adults are now making their own way in the world. 

I too am very grateful for you because you are the engine that supports Asante Africa and the truly impactful work we are doing.

Bridge The Gap

So as we all celebrate Thanksgiving in the USA, I will ask each of you this same question: What are you grateful for? 

I don’t ask this and brush over the challenges in life. I ask this to acknowledge the goodness in your life while you navigate these challenges, one step at a time.

Each of you is a part of this global community. Each of you is a gift to this organization. And more than 900,000 children, families, and educators have benefited because you are a part of us.

Asante Sana and Happy Holidays!

Erna Grasz
CEO, Asante Africa Foundation


Students Share Their Gratitude!

“I am grateful that Asante Africa has provided me with tools for transformation and empowerment.” 

John, Kenya 
Scholarship Student


“I am grateful for education and the opportunity to be anything I want to be.”

Klementina, Tanzania 


“Thank you for investing in me. Because of your support, you have made me into the person I am today.”

Jane, Kenya 
Scholarship Student


“I am grateful for the Wezesha Vijana Program because I have learned about hygiene. I have improved my personal hygiene and the cleanliness of the environment around me.

Francis, Uganda 


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