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The Changemaker’s Odyssey is all about IMPACT!

Impact for you, impact on your clients, and impact on underprivileged communities in East Africa.

That’s why 50% of your investment in The Changemaker’s Odyssey enables one youth (in Kenya, Tanzania or Uganda) to attend the Youth Livelihood Program, operated by Asante Africa Foundation.



Together we aim to educate


Your support will help them gain practical life, leadership, and entrepreneurial skills to make a change in their community and fulfill their own potential.

Payment 1: CLICK HERE if you have not made your initial payment of $182.50

Payment 2: Make the other 1/2 of your payment ($182.50) on the form below!

Asante Africa Foundation is a registered charity.
Your contribution is 100% tax deductible. USA – EIN# 71-1010614

A bit about The

Changemaker’s Odyssey

The Changemaker’s Odyssey is a 6-week virtual program that dives into the power of storytelling for connection, empowerment, and impact, hosted by Sam X Mwanga.

With bite-sized daily actionable lessons and weekly guest speakers workshops The Changemaker’s Odyssey provides a safe and empowering space for coaches who strive to create a greater impact through their businesses.

The program is about bringing coaches together to craft the stories that:

      • Define your purpose
      • Overcome limitations
      • Connect you deeply with your audience
      • Lead a lasting legacy
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