Accelerating Change for World Water Day

Mar 15, 2023

On March 22nd of each year, World Water Day brings awareness toward the 2.2 billion people living without access to safe water. This day inspires action towards every one of us to tackle the global crisis.

Together, we can end this water crisis and serve the 2.2 billion people without safe water. 

Back in 2015, the United Nations and the other governments—as part of Sustainability Development Goal 6—committed to have safe water and clean sanitation by 2030. As of now, the entire world is far behind in its promise.

This year, the main focus is about accelerating change to solve the water and sanitation crisis. 

Access to safe and clean water is a human right, and we must all work together to provide access to the entire globe with safe water and clean sanitation.

On this day, World Water Day, we highlight two of our Youth Livelihood mentors who are a step closer to fulfilling United Nations Sustainability Goal 6. Margret and Roina, from Wamba Girls Secondary School in Kenya, invented a clean water purification system. They were nominated for the Young Scientist Kenya Award and won! The two students shared their invention on national television and will present it at the Science Congress National Competition in the State House. 

Margaret and Roina’s invention is an inspiration for young people everywhere. They, among other youth, are the leaders of TODAY. Their amazing ideas and hard-work is the reason we empower East Africa’s youth to confidently address life’s challenges, thrive in the global economy, and catalyze positive change. 

While access to safe and clean water is a critical issue facing the world today, we are confident that as youth receive education, we will move towards a world where safe water and sanitation are accessible to all.

Written by: Zak Attioui

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