The time of the year is here with us. Results for Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education have been announced. As with all parents, AAF was all ears waiting to hear names familiar with us mentioned. As is normal, not all students would be among the top ten. However, Technology has come to make man’s, or is it woman’s, life easy. Within minutes we were able to get results for our scholarship students who were among the candidates. The first was Samson Nyongesa, from Fanaka High school; a modest school that rose from the ashes, literally, like the proverbial phoenix. He had an A- out of A(11 points out of 12). The other was Samuel Siameto from Ololulung’a High school with a B+ (10 points out of 12). While they both did not score as they expected, nonetheless they have both done AAF proud. This does not leave the girls behind as they also tried their best with some scoring C+ (7 points out of 12), the minimum grade to qualify to join university in Kenya. Thumb up Rose Chelangat! They all admit its hard work that made them score such grade. They cannot fail to mention the study action plan they did with their teachers and mentor, Gathii Kanyi. They followed it almost to the letter.They are now all out to move round schools talking to the students on how to pass. They will be joined by Ann Mueni who also passed to join public university later this year. She has been admitted at Kisii University campus to pursue bachelor’s degree in Purchasing and Supplies Management.

Not only is AAF celebrating the good results of these students, but also the great performance of its partner schools. Starehe Girls Center are position 9 nationally while Sr Stephen Nkoitoi secondary and Fanaka High school are top in Narok district. We cannot also fail to mention Bahati Girls High school which was among the top 5 schools this year. We believe our scholarship student in the school (Linda Laisa Kaunga) will have her name read alongside the other students who will fly the school’s flag high during her year 2012. Its AAF’s expectation that next year we will continue to have our students break record of their predecessors by scoring a straight A and appearing among the top 50 students in Kenya.

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