Get Our Girls Back to School!

Get Our Girls Back to School!

It’s back-to-school time in Uganda, and 200 of our
students need support to get back in the classroom. 

February 7th – March 8th

Uganda had the world’s longest school lockdown, keeping most children out of school for 2 years! During the pandemic, thousands of girls were married off early, and an estimated 300,000 became pregnant while out of school. Many girls still remain at home and are unable to pay school fees because families are struggling in the midst of a slowly recovering economy. This is why we have launched the “Get Our Girls Back in School” campaign in an effort to send 200 of our students back to the classroom!

What happens when you give?

  • Girls receive support and a safe space to keep learning
  • They are equip with learning materials and school supplies, like sanitary products, uniforms, shoes, and backpacks
  • Their school fees are paid, taking the pressure off their families

Your gift will have a ripple effect on the entire community and country as each girl is empowered to thrive and fulfill her own potential. You will be a part of ensuring a bright and hopeful future for young women across Uganda.

53,000 UGX ($15)

Sends 1 girl back to school with all the support and supplies she needs!

Any amount helps

Get Our Girls Back to School!

Airtel Merchant Code: 1217119
(Asante Africa Foundation)

Get Our Girls Back to School!
Get Our Girls Back to School!
Get Our Girls Back to School!
Get Our Girls Back to School!

Meet Rosette!

During school lockdowns, Rosette was set to be a victim of child marriage. Thankfully, Asante Africa Foundation came to her rescue, secured a safe space for her to reside, and provided her with the necessary tools to get her back in school!

Get Our Girls Back to School!

Meet Aisha!

In 2021, Aisha lost her father and sister. Her mother works tirelessly on a farm but struggles to keep the family afloat. Support like yours has given Aisha the opportunity to pursue her dreams. She is now back in school and on the path to becoming a nurse.

Your Support will Help a Girl Like Aisha

Watch Aisha, excited to go
back to classroom learning!

By joining our campaign to “Get Our Girls Back in School,” you are helping girls like Rosette and Aisha get back on track, stay safe, and continue on their educational journey, ultimately providing a better life for themselves and their families.

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