Back to School


In the United States, students have started to go back to school, and going back means getting necessary school supplies. School supplies are essential and can mean the difference between achieving success in the classroom or not.

Through their hard work, motivation and potential, Asante Africa Foundation Scholarship students in Tanzania and Kenya are provided with these much needed and valued supplies. Many children and their families know that without them, progress in the classroom can be stunted. Uniquely, in Tanzania, students don’t just need pencils, paper and notebooks, they also need additional supplies such as toilet paper, soap and laundry detergent.

Upon receiving an Asante Africa Foundation Scholarship, students and their families are given peace of mind because the scholarship takes care of all the students’ needs for a whole school year; this includes all necessary school supplies.

Every year this time in Tanzania Asante Africa Foundation staff, Ewald Tesha and Albert Jumbe, buy supplies in bulk for all the Tanzanian scholarship students.

The supplies are packed in the car and then driven to where they can be separated and compiled for each scholarship student. The staff creates a mini assembly line to carefully divide the supplies into plastic shopping bags, making sure each bag has an even distribution of all the school essentials.


The next step is getting the bag of supplies to the students. The supplies are hand delivered to the students at their schools or to their homes. The staff will take several days’ time to travel to each school and home across the country to personally deliver the bags. Back to school marks a significant time of the year, and in Tanzania, it is an event that can change lives forever.

Be Part of the Journey. Be Part of the Solution.

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