Educating a Child Does Transform the World

Asante Africa

As a Tanzanian, I have personally witnessed the power of education in my own life and how it has affected many generations in my own family. This season is perfect to share my personal testimony of the transformative power of education.

For my poor parents, education and scholarships were the golden opportunity to lift their lives out of poverty. Because of such opportunities the course of our family history changed forever. My siblings and I, and now my own children have a chance to make a life of their design. My parents’ impact also had significant impact at the village level. Many people from our village were greatly inspired by their success, were able to emulate their example and are now leading better lives with their own children and their children’s children. The “ripple effect” is real.

I have been involved in the work of Asante Africa Foundation for 10 years and with confidence I tell you that our children’s lives are better today because of the model and approach of Asante Africa. I have watched the organization grow from 1 to now over 13 team members.I have witnessed the “in the field” struggles that are the reality of community work. I have personally witnessed the life-changing outcomes of our Tanzanian children’s lives. Their success is visible in academic performance, self confidence and increased life skills. Asante Africa has also influenced and changed the lives of their parents and communities. Many parents now have greater hope of a better, and brighter future for their children and their children’s children. For many this is a long availed dream come true. Who would ever have thought that such a simple act of kindness, education, would have such a long lasting multigenerational ripple effect.

I entreat you in this season of giving, to find it in your hearts to help us give more children the gift of a brighter future. With your kind-hearted gifts, we provide teachers with training and bring local classrooms into the technological age. We develop young girls as confident young leaders. We walk along side poor parents by sponsoring their children’s education. And we give young people tools to secure jobs and create small businesses.

No gift is too small — they always mean a world of change for their recipients. As a donor, and a board member I cannot say loudly enough that your generous donations to Asante Africa are what makes all of this impact possible. Keep Asante Africa on your “to-give” list this Christmas! Happy Holidays!

Deep gratitude and blessings,

Gloria Moshi, Tanzania Director since 2007

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