GivingTuesday at Asante Africa Foundation

Nov 14, 2023

Sometimes all it takes is a spark to start a global movement of service. This spark transcends a mere thought into permanent action. ‘Giving back’ is the phrase that sparked the global revolution that created ‘Giving Tuesday’. As the world comes together on this Giving Tuesday, November 28th, to pay it forward to those in need, Asante Africa Foundation celebrates every act of generosity that surrounds our organization. 

Here at Asante Africa, the stamp of giving has long been a tradition and the foundation of how we came together to begin with. We believe that we must give back to our community, and because of this we have received an irreplaceable community within East Africa and around the world. 

Giving is our precept as a nonprofit organization, but it is more than that. It is our calling. It is what drives us and makes us want to be better for the youth but also for ourselves to return to another day and do it all over again. 

Through countless hours of undeterred giving, hundreds of thousands of East African youth have been able to turn their dreams into realities. Asante Africa youth are on the path to achieving their dreams and giving back to their communities. 

How Asante Africa Youth are Giving through Pay-it-Forward


Sharon, a scholarship alumna and current second-year student pursuing a Bachelor’s in Nursing at Great Lakes University in Kisumu, embodies the spirit of giving back. Motivated by the support she received through Asante Africa’s Scholarship Program, Sharon actively engages in community service.

Sharon dedicates time to organizing visits to children’s homes in Kisumu, with a particular focus on Mama Ngina Children’s Home in her community. Regular visits (at least three times per semester) allow her to connect with the children, playing a vital role in their lives.

“What I like the most after visiting the children’s homes is being able to play with the kids. Seeing their happy faces leaves me with immense joy, and that is what I am most grateful for.”

Sharon also takes it upon herself to cook for and educate young girls on menstrual hygiene Simultaneously, she imparts the importance of education to young boys, encouraging them to stay in school and support the girls in their community. Sharon’s commitment to community service reflects her passion for making a positive impact, echoing the support she once received through her scholarship.


Identifying the gap in her community, to food access, 17-year-old Faith decided to venture into drip irrigation farming. With her parents’ help, Faith’s business grew, supplying vegetables like kale, spinach, and tomatoes to farmers in her community.

With the skills acquired through the Youth Livelihood Program, Faith gives back by sharing her knowledge with her peers, parents, and schoolmates. She emphasizes the importance of leadership and resilience in overcoming difficult circumstances in business and social life.


Living with his grandmother, Simon, has faced considerable challenges in achieving his dream of becoming a surgeon.  His goal is to give back by making a positive impact on people’s lives through his medical career.

During Simon’s primary education, his head teacher and school staff recognized his potential and consistently supported him. With the continued support of his grandmother, the guidance of his dedicated head teacher, and the generosity of well-wishers, Simon is on a path to overcome adversity and fulfill his dream in medicine. His community has given to him and he is determined to return the favor in the near future. 

Tireless Efforts to Serve and Inspire

The tireless efforts of Asante Africa Foundation-Kenya have contributed to a substantial decrease in teenage pregnancy rates, a critical issue that hampers educational opportunities for young girls. By implementing comprehensive programs that address reproductive health and life skills development, the organization has helped the youth of Kalodicha Primary to make informed choices and pursue their educational aspirations. The collaboration has also contributed  to students’ remarkable academic progress. Through the organization’s multiple avenues of service, like collaborative efforts, innovative teaching methodologies, and a focus on holistic development, the foundation has inspired a newfound enthusiasm for learning among the children. 

Through its unwavering commitment and innovative initiatives, Asante Africa Foundation-Kenya is not only improving educational outcomes but also creating a safe and empowering environment for the children in Turkana County. The partnership between Asante Africa Foundation and Kalodicha Primary serves as an inspiring example of how collaboration and support can uplift the lives of young individuals, paving the way for a brighter and more prosperous future as communities work together to pay it forward. 

Giving Our Thanks

Giving back could never be wholly embraced on one given day, but we celebrate our incredible Asante Africa community’s passion of giving back and we will continue to instill the principle of Pay-it-Forward in our students and across our programs. Today, on Tuesday, November 28th, we give insurmountable gratitude to all those whose contributions allow us to continue to give back every day. 

WRITTEN BY: Chioma Okoro

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