Leadership and Entrepreneurship Incubator’ 2016

We recently concluded the sixth year of our Leadership and Entrepreneurship Incubator program, at Bendel Memorial Secondary School in Moshi, Tanzania. About 85 students and 15 teachers attended the week long workshop along with 13 Asante Africa Foundation staff.

Shirley West, who has been attending the program since the beginning, tells us what she thought was the most significant thing in LEI this year — “The most significant thing to me was that this year a number of our alumni came back and facilitated sessions or were career speakers. The students really connected with them as they could relate to the alumni’s life stories and were inspired by the success they had achieved as they worked towards their dream. It was easier for them to relate to someone closer to their own age.”

Here’s a window to LEI if you’ve always wanted a peek.

Asante Africa US & Africa team at LEI

Thought boards that were put up in the teaching room.

LEI Session in Progress

Students taken for industry/field visits. Practical training is an important part of our curriculum

LEI’2016 Batch

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