The Power of Giving

“We rise by lifting others.”

~ Robert Ingersoll


The Power of Giving – A Little Goes a Long Way

Dec 17, 2021

The holidays are here and giving is one of the traditional ways we show others we care about them and the things they believe in and enjoy. Giving comes naturally to us because of our innate need for connection and it inspires positive change in the giver and those the giver impacts, something that the world needs.

The power of giving – its good for you

We give because it feels good and it helps others. The knowledge that you’re helping others is empowering and, in turn, can make you feel happier and more fulfilled.

Giving is good for us. This is not just conjecture, but confirmed through research which. has shown that the act of giving releases the neurochemical drivers of happiness – dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin. These chemicals are proven to be linked to better physical (e.g., improved sleep and digestion) and mental health (e.g., motivation, memory, and empathy). In some respects, the act of giving is similar to taking your vitamins, getting exercise, and eating healthy – but often fails to get the same attention as the latest diet or supplement routine.

Giving is also good for those that witness and participate in it. Parents can teach their children generosity through charitable giving. Sharing the experience of donating to charity with your children shows them from a young age that they can make positive changes in the world. Children naturally love to help others, so nurturing their innate sense of generosity is likely to result in a greater appreciation of what they have, and will carry on supporting charity in years to come. Additionally, giving can motivate friends and family to do the same. 

The Power of Giving

The power of giving – it doesn’t take much

“It’s not the gift, but the thought that counts”. All of us have heard this saying, or something similar, which is meant to convey that the intention that matters more than what is given. Put another way, it doesn’t take a lot to make a great impact. Small gifts can go a long way. With charitable donations to Asante Africa Foundation, gifts go even farther and not just because they are tax deductible. A gift as small as $10 can provide shoes and socks to a student that would otherwise go without. 

Additionally, Asante Africa Foundation’s “pay it forward” philosophy creates a meaningful ripple effect in the community by encouraging students to take what they learn and pass it on to others thereby maximizing what is given to them to impact many. A gift to a single student will impact others whether through shared knowledge or students establishing businesses and community programs and clubs. There are many success stories of students taking what has been given to them and paying it forward. 

Having the power to improve the lives of others is both a privilege and a responsibility. A responsibility to use what we’ve been given to help those that were given less. Your gift to our students in East Africa this holiday season will not only make you and your family feel good, it will make a verifiable difference in our students lives, their families lives, and those in their community.

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