meaningful gifts for kids in rural east africa


This holiday, give the gift of warm meals and essential education to children in rural East Africa. These children are hopeful, creative, and innovative, but the current pandemic has exasperated the need for quality education and brought to light the importance of food stability, especially in rural east Africa

Still, these children are eager to learn so they can pursue their dreams, strengthen their communities, and support their families, all they need are the basics to keep them on track. This holiday will you join us in giving meaningful gifts that will provide the support and tools they need?

Let’s Make a No Hunger Holiday for Justine

Right now, children like Justine are working hard to continue their education and create a better future for themselves, despite the difficulties they are facing because of the pandemic. In East Africa food insecurity continues to rise and the need for support is increasingly evident.

This holiday, give the gift of a food package to children like Justine so they can stay safe, continue learning, and enjoy a holiday meal. 


$30 Will Provide A “Holiday Food Package”

Let’s Unleash Lucy’s Innovation

Lucy and many students like her need digital tools to stay on track this year and to reach their full potential. This year, mired by pandemic related setbacks, your thoughtful and meaningful gifts can give them access to relevant and needed technology that will unleash their creativity.


$40 Will Provide A “Digital Learning Package”

Let’s Uncover Frank’s Creativity

Frank and his classmates have identified and developed many business ideas that are designed to help their communities and families. Their innovative solutions have been instrumental in solving many local issues during the pandemic. By giving a gift that benefits charity these youth will receive guidance, support, and direction to develop their ideas and take their creativity to the next level.


$75 Will Provide A “Skill Building Package”

Let’s Unwrap Kipuyo’s Passion

Girls in East Africa, like Kipuyo, dream to overcome the traditional and financial barriers. But they need peer and community support, understanding their human rights, and learn to manage their health and hygiene to feel confident and pursue their passion. By giving a meaningful present you can make Kipuyo’s passion shine.


$100 Will Provide A “Essential Care Package”

Other ways you can give back!

Make your gift work even harder by making contributions in the names of other family members rather than giving gifts. Grandma may love knowing that she is helping someone rather than receiving another sweater. This is the impact of giving!

IN HONOR OF: A tribute gift can be the perfect holiday gift to show you care about an important loved one or issue they are passionate about.

Instead of only giving money around the holidays, you can show your loved ones they really matter by making monthly donations year-round. 

Giving always feels good, but it feels even better when you commit to a cause. Consider turning your holiday party into an opportunity to raise much-needed funds for a great cause.

VOLUNTEER: Giving your time is another great way to give back this holiday and make a huge impact. It doesnt cost a penny, and you can give your favorite charity some needed help.      

* All contributions to the Asante Africa Foundation are 100% tax-deductible. All donors who provide a multi-year  full scholarship ($1,000) will receive scholarship reports, student updates, and personalized letters. 

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