snowflakeLooking for a meaningful gift?


Here is the perfect gift idea to spread joy and make a lasting impact in the lives of children in need. 

This holiday season celebrate the true spirit of the holidays by giving back. Save yourself from getting another ugly sweater from Aunt Meg by asking her to buy a uniform for a student in East Africa instead.

All donations and gifts are solely for the purpose of supporting education for children in East Africa.

After your purchase you will receive an email with a printable card that you can use as a gift to further spread the cheer among your friends and family! 

$20 gift idea

BUILDING BLOCKS ~ 20 Digital Books 

Students in East Africa are eager to learn, they will be excited to have digital books covering a variety of topics available at their finger tips. 

SITTING TALL ~  Desk to seat 3-4 students

Every student needs a proper workspace to get their studies done. Create a comfortable space for learning by providing a school desk for one of our classrooms.

DRESSED TO IMPRESS ~ Uniform with shoes

Make the opportunity to attend school a reality for a child. A school uniform is part of the requirement for entry to a classroom in East Africa. Give a child the tools he or she needs to fit in with the crowd.

READY TO LEAD ~ Leadership training

Send 1 student to the Leadership & Entrepreneurship Incubator Program (LEI) which teaches youth valuable skills in entrepreneurship, leadership, and business, so they can dream big and have the skills to get there.

GIRL POWER ~ Sponsor a girls workshop

A workshop on empowerment and safety will give these girls the strength and tools to pursue their dreams.

THE FULL PACKAGE ~ Scholarship

Our Merit-based Scholarships include everything a student will need for a full year of school:

  • 1 year of tuition (including exam fees)
  • Room and board fees
  • Learning materials, uniforms, and sanitary products for girls
* All contributions to the Asante Africa Foundation are 100% tax-deductible. All donors who provide a multi-year  full scholarship ($750+) will receive scholarship reports, student updates, and personalized letters. 

USA - EIN# 71-1010614