Meaningful Gift Ideas

Here are some great gift ideas to spread love and make a lasting impact in the lives of children in need.  All donations and gifts are solely for the purpose of supporting our programs that educate children and youth in East Africa.

Help us Decorate the Holiday Giving Tree!

With each donation you can add a decoration to the Holiday Giving Tree. You can personalize your decoration when you complete the donation form, with a word or name, or choose one of our suggestions.

Other ways you can give back!

Make your gift work even harder by making contributions in the names of other family members rather than giving gifts. Grandma may love knowing that she is helping someone rather than receiving another sweater.

IN HONOR OF: A tribute gift can be the perfect holiday present. Perhaps one of your team member’s lost a loved one, or are passionate about an important issue. Either way, by giving in their honour, you’re showing that person you recognize and support a cause that matters to them. For most people, this can be incredibly motivating.

MONTHLY DONATIONS: Instead of only giving money around the holidays, you can show your loved ones they really matter by making monthly donations year-round. 

HOLIDAY FUNDRAISER: Giving always feels good, but it feels even better when you commit to a cause. Consider turning your holiday office party into an opportunity to raise much-needed funds for a great cause.

VOLUNTEER: Giving your time is another great way to give back this holiday and make a huge impact. It doesnt cost a penny, and you can give your favorite charity some well needed help.      

* All contributions to the Asante Africa Foundation are 100% tax-deductible. All donors who provide a multi-year  full scholarship ($1,000) will receive scholarship reports, student updates, and personalized letters. 

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