Asante Africa Brightened My Future

Dec 8, 2022


I first interacted with Asante Africa through the Youth Livelihood Program in 2013 and attended two Leadership and Entrepreneurship Incubator summits.

Based on the leadership skills acquired through the Youth Livelihood Program, I became a university student with competent leadership skills. I recently served as a member of the Tanzania Youth Parliament with the aim of learning and preparing for the future.

More about my service in the Tanzania Youth Parliament: 

I served as the essential link of information between the university council and our students, ensuring seamless and effective communication channels. A core aspect of my role was fostering a peaceful and harmonious environment within our university, promoting an atmosphere of tranquility and cooperation. I was dedicated to safeguarding human rights, with a specific focus on our student body, by providing education about their rights and offering guidance in navigating challenging situations. I was committed to upholding the laws and regulations outlined in the University charter and the Constitution of the United Republic of Tanzania, ensuring their proper implementation. As I continually elevated my skills, I also had the privilege of engaging with external leaders from across our nation, which greatly enriched my perspective and empowered me to make a meaningful impact.

Asante Africa has helped me in the following ways:

The dream mapping lesson guided me in discovering my passion for leading others. Participating in the leadership and entrepreneurship incubator equipped me with fundamental skills that have shaped my journey and identity. Asante Africa has played a crucial role in illuminating my education by providing both financial assistance and invaluable mental support for all my school needs. I can’t help but wonder how different my educational path would have been without this uplifting assistance. Thanks to Asante Africa, I not only unearthed my potential within my community but also elevated my sense of self-worth, transcending the limitations of my background.

After my service on the Youth Parliament, I was nominated to be a dairy cattle trainee in Denmark as an extension of my degree program at Sokoine University of Agriculture in Morogoro, Tanzania.

Your support for my education is what led me to get the opportunity to attend a training in Denmark which has helped me gain a global perspective. I am so happy to have become an international citizen through education. 

The fruits of your support not only brighten my life but also my community. I come from a Maasai community which depends on keeping animals, but lack of knowledge and climatic changes has created challenges for us. However, by using the skills and knowledge I have obtained in Denmark in dairy cattle production, I can use local resources in Namanga-Longido-Tanzania to change the whole picture of farming in the Maasai community.

Thank you so much for the change you’ve had in my life. I can’t begin to explain all of it, but let’s all remember this: the Learn Do Teach approach is the key for creating a better future for the next generations. Please keep on supporting us in these ways because your support means so much.

Thank you, Asante Africa – Asha, Tanzania 


To learn more about Asha, you can watch her speak from our Beyond Numbers Panel in June here: or watch the full Beyond Numbers Panel here: 


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