Asante Africa Brightened My Future

Dec 8, 2022

class“I first interacted with Asante Africa through the Youth Livelihood Program in 2013 and attended two LEI summits.

Based on the leadership skills acquired through the Youth Livelihood Program, I am now a university student with competent leadership skills. I serve as a member of the Tanzania Youth Parliament with the aim of learning and preparing for the future. Thank you so much, without you I don’t know what my future would have looked like.

More about my service in the Tanzania Youth Parliament: 

    1. I serve as link of information between university council and students
    2. I protect and promote peace environment within university
    3. I protect human rights (specifically for students) by educating others about their rights and what to do in any opposite circumstances.
    4. I implement of laws and regulations as per University charter and Constitution of United republic of Tanzania
    5. I raise my baseline skills but also have exposure to external leaders within the country.


Asante Africa has helped me in the following ways:

    1. Through the dream mapping lesson, I was able to figure out my passion for leading others
    2. Through leadership and entrepreneurship incubators I have acquired basic skills and am able to carry them with my life and so become who I am right now.
    3. Asante Africa is lighting my education through financial; and mental support for all school requirements. I don’t know how my education would look like if I wasn’t part of this joyful support
    4. Asante has helped me to determine my potential in my community and so raise my dignity despite my background 


Thank you Asante Africa” – Asha, Tanzania 


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