Asha Assists Youth in Attending University, Tanzania

Jan 14, 2022

Asha, a 21 year old university student from Morogoro, is proud that she is able to pay-it-forward thanks to her education from Asante Africa Foundation’s programs. Currently, Asha is attending Sokoine University pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Animal Sciences. Her goal is to one day become an animal nutritionist.

Shortly after arriving at university, Asha realized that many youth were struggling with the application process. Asha’s lessons from Asante Africa’s Youth Livelihood Program (YLP) gave her the confidence to help others obtain loans and complete their applications so they could also attend university. Demonstrating her leadership abilities, Asha created a group by utilizing social media to communicate with any youth who needed her assistance to complete the university enrollment process. The response to Asha’s group was substantial, so Asha reached out to her peers to also offer their support to other youth. Together with her peers, Asha helped nearly 200 youth successfully begin their university education.

Asha also put her YLP lessons in entrepreneurship to work by starting her own business in order to cover her school fees. She prides herself on being self-sufficient and applied her business skills to successfully sell supplies to her fellow classmates. Asha’s attributes her incredible spirit to succeed to the lessons she learned from YLP: “Thank you Asante Africa for transforming my world and allowing me to help transform the worlds of others.”

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