Scholarship Ensures Brenda’s Success

Mar 16, 2023

Brenda is an orphan in primary five who has to work to provide for her basic needs, including her educational materials. She does this by working on people’s farms to raise money. Last term, she was able to buy a uniform for herself from the money she raised during the holidays.

While she lives with her aunt, Brenda mentions that her aunt is unwilling to support her education, but has only agreed to support her with food and shelter. She has no other alternative, as her other relatives are worse off. Her aunt always advises her to miss some days at school, so that she can work for her own fees. Before Asante Africa, she was not doing well as she lacked most of the materials needed for school. 

According to Brenda, the one-time scholarship from Asante Africa Foundation enabled her to continue going to school because her fees were fully paid and she was able to sit for her promotional exams. She attributes the passing of her examination to the early payment of her fees, as she was able to attend all her classes without being sent home for not having her fees. 

Despite the challenges she has faced at a young age, Brenda presses on with determination and resilience because she knows she is supported. She hopes to show that same support to another student one day.

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Brenda – Pictured on the right

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