Laura is Solving Challenges with Technology

Feb 8, 2023

Laura“My name is Laura and I am 21 years old, raised in the Kyenjojo District, Uganda. I am the second born of four children. Last week I graduated from Akirachix Kenya with a diploma in software development and UIUX design.

I first and foremost take the opportunity to thank Asante Africa Foundation Uganda for giving me new opportunities.

Having been born from a humble peasant family, my mum and dad failed to raise fees for me to proceed with higher education after my senior six. Even my siblings have not been in position to continue with their education due to my parent’s state of life they have stopped at senior four.

 It was always a big struggle for me throughout all levels of my education in both primary and secondary; Getting fees and necessities was so hard, and I would at times miss classes because of lack of scholastic materials or fees.

Coming from a hard background, this opportunity with Asante Africa has enabled me to grow my confidence and ability to learn while granting me skills that can benefit me for a lifetime. Being able to connect and relate with new people from different countries has created a sense of togetherness and a support system that made it feel like home, on top of that I learnt many new ideas and innovations from them.

The knowledge and skills I obtained will help solve some of the real world problems through technology, and I will also use the skills attained in mentoring my fellow girls in areas of software development and other soft skills that I learnt from Akirachix and Asante Africa Foundation.

Finally from deep-down my heart and my entire family, we appreciate Asante Africa so much and Akirachix for the great opportunities towards empowering young rural girls like me to help them access education, and encourage them to build their skills and lead others, regardless of the hardships they are facing.

Best wishes as you continue transforming the rural communities.”


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