From Shy Student to Confident Entrepreneur

May 15, 2023

Joseph is a 17-year-old from Samburu County, Kenya, who faced the challenge of supporting his family’s livelihood. His single mother worked as a house help, earning a monthly salary of 6,000 Ksh., which was not sufficient to meet their basic needs such as rent, food, and school fees. Joseph joined the Youth Livelihood Programs, Enterprise Challenge to develop his entrepreneurship skills and to find a way to help his family.

Through the Enterprise Challenge, Joseph gained confidence in selling his products through his hawking business (selling goods on the street), which he operated after school and on weekends. He started his business with a capital of 700 Ksh. and made a profit of 200 Ksh. on the first day. He continued to develop his skills and within a week, he had made a profit of 2,000 Ksh., which he used to pay his school fees.

Joseph’s involvement in the program not only helped him gain self-confidence, but also improved his teamwork abilities, as well as his saving, budgeting, and negotiation skills. His mother was able to concentrate on her work, as he could help her meet the family’s needs. He also provided quality food to others in his community, while mentoring his friends who wished to start their own businesses.

Joseph’s long-term goal is to be an entrepreneur, and he sees the program as a valuable resource to achieve this dream. He enjoys the Enterprise Challenge game, which teaches him how to make profit and satisfy customers by building hype and always stocking what they need. Joseph’s business seeks to target those traveling by selling to them a variety of products such as biscuits and water sweets at the stage.

In summary, the Enterprise Challenge has given Joseph the tools and resources to start his own business and contribute to his family’s livelihood. Furthermore, it has given him the motivation to pursue his dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur, while encouraging him to learn things beyond the curriculum.

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