Daniela Grows Her Confidence in a Program Especially for Girls

Oct 11, 2023

Daniela, who lives with her parents and younger sister, became a participant in the Wezesha Vijana Program last year. During her involvement in the program, Daniela gained new and valuable insights into body changes, hygiene, and the causes of teenage pregnancy. Additionally, she received instructions on the proper use of menstrual towels and was provided with underwear and pads for use during menstruation.

Empowered by this newfound understanding of health, Daniela made a personal commitment to abstain from risky behaviors. She also took initiative to share the information that she had learned with her cousins and friends who were also uninformed.

Prior to joining the Wezesha Vijana Program, Daniela lacked funds to purchase sanitary pads. Her family was unable to help her with this basic need, leading her to seek assistance with supplies from neighbors and friends during her monthly menstruation. Having to borrow sanitary pads from others was traumatizing and deeply affected Daniela’s self-esteem. Joining the Wezesha Vijana Program provided her with a sigh of relief because she received packets of sanitary pads, so she was no longer forced to borrow from neighbors and friends.

As a participant in Wezesha Vijana, Daniela was able to develop her leadership skills. She served as a group leader by assisting club officials and the teacher to help facilitate a conducive learning environment for the other students in the program. 

Daniela was excited to implement other skills that she had learned in the Wezesha Vijana Program which included goal setting, financial literacy, and small business guidance. She started a small business crafting beads which was a skill she had acquired from her aunt. She borrowed her startup capital of 2000 Kenyan shillings (approximately $14 USD) from her mother, and began her entrepreneurial journey. Daniela’s first sale was so successful that she was able to repay the loan to her mother. She creates her bead work during holiday breaks, and her mother assists her in selling them while she is at school. She now generates an average weekly profit of 500 Kenyan shillings. Thanks to the budgeting skills she learned in Wezesha Vijana, Daniela saves part of her earnings to ensure she can afford basic necessities such as sanitary pads, stationary, and occasionally school examination fees. In addition, she extends financial support to her family. 

Daniela’s educational goal is to score well on her upcoming exams so that she can gain admission to the local high school. She is deeply inspired by her role model, Kenyan parliament member and women’s activist, Naisula Lesuuda. Daniela’s dream is to become a member of parliament so that she can contribute positively to her community. 

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