Girls Pursue Their Science Dreams, Uganda

Feb 2, 2021

Asante Africa Foundation’s beneficiaries in Form 3, Noeline, Justine, Sylivia, and Agnes are in school and taking the opportunity to complete their vocational skills training program, which is part of their school curriculum. They have requested to use the laboratory equipment to keep practicing and improving their knowledge and skills in physics and chemistry. They are also strengthening their theoretical knowledge by requesting and studying text books related to physics and chemistry.

Noeline and Agnes desire to become Engineers in the road and construction industry, so they are building up their knowledge in physics. Sylivia, on the other hand, wants to become a Chemist. Justine who desires to become an architect is concentrating on improving her mathematics and physics knowledge. 

All four of the beneficiaries acknowledge that only through hard work can they achieve their career goals. They also work to encourage other students to be fearless and take up studying in science-based subjects. They are also going to continue to focus on their goals and become successful women with hard work and determination.