Selling Goats to Become an Accountant, Kenya

Feb 2, 2021

Leakey is a college student in Kenya, pursuing a degree in Accounting to become a certified Chartered Accountant. He credits his success to Asante Africa’s curriculum, programs, and the yearly Summit. After finishing his Form 4 in 2019, Leakey started a livestock trading business using his small savings. He started selling goats and sheep at the markets.

Initially, Leakey handled his business venture alone, but the shutdown due to Covid-19 pandemic brought him additional help. Due to school closures, idle young men expressed interest in his venture. So, Leakey took on 7 young men and expanded the business to buying cows and negotiated a deal with the butchers in town. Leakey has successfully used his business and entrepreneurial skills to build a profitable business, yielding him enough money to pay for his school fees. He hopes to continue and expand his business during the holidays. Along with being a successful businessman, Leakey is also an inspiration to many people in his village.

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