Isaiah is Fighting Deforestation, Uganda

Apr 13, 2023

Isaiah used the entrepreneurial skills and climate change education he received during his Youth Livelihood Program (YLP) training to identify a community environmental challenge and develop a green economy solution. Deforestation is affecting Isaiah’s community in Kyamulinga, Uganda, which experiences food shortages due to changes in rainfall affecting agriculture.

After completing a green economy session with Prince’s Trust International Enterprise Challenge Program, Isaiah came up with alternative energy sources from waste material to replace charcoal burning. He mixes waste from beans husk, maize plants, and banana peelings with cassava flour and clay soil. The result is a briquette that is efficient for cooking. By making charcoal from organic compounds which are environmentally friendly, he has created an alternative source for charcoal burning from trees.

Isaiah can produce enough briquettes for most people in his town and generate income. The work supports the environment because it discourages deforestation hence the conservation of the environment with climate change. 

“The decision and problem identification skills helped me to identify a community and global challenge on climate change, and l thought of a solution towards a green economy.”

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