Faith’s Entrepreneurial Journey with the Enterprise Challenge Program

Apr 11, 2023

Faith is a 17-year-old girl living in Isiolo County, Kenya. Her parents did not receive an education, however, they work hard in casual jobs to ensure their children have access to education. In the face of financial challenges, Faith was determined to change her family’s situation, and this pushed her to pursue her entrepreneurial dreams.

Identifying the gap in her community’s access to animal feed and household food, Faith decided to venture into Drip Irrigation Farming. She participated in Asante Africa Foundation and Prince’s Trust International’s Enterprise Challenge Program through the Youth Livelihood Program, which sharpened her entrepreneurial skills. Furthermore, the program helped her better manage her business and boost her family’s livelihood.

With her parents’ help, Faith utilized the availability of water at home and started irrigation. She planted Napier Grass and vegetables for commercial use, and this did not only provide food for her family, but also helped raise money for school fees. Her business grew, and she began supplying vegetables like kale, spinach and tomatoes to farmers in her community.

Faith prides herself as an accomplished young entrepreneur who can confidently convince customers to buy her products, develop a budget, and negotiate prices. She is flexible and can maneuver low seasons for the business. With the skills acquired through the program, Faith pays it forward by sharing her knowledge with her peers, parents, and schoolmates. She emphasizes the importance of leadership and resilience in overcoming difficult circumstances in business and social life.

Faith’s success has not only impacted her family but also her community. She encourages her peers to start businesses with the small capital they have and to believe in themselves. Her determination and hardwork have inspired others to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.

Faith’s story shows that with determination, resilience, and the right skills, anyone can achieve their dreams. The Enterprise Challenge Program empowers young people like Faith to develop their entrepreneurial skills and positively impact their communities.


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